Propellers for Lycoming O-360

Propellers designed for use on the Lycoming O-320 150hp and 160hp engines.

These propellers are designed for the 180hp Lycoming O-360 aero engine in tractor (prop in front) and pusher installations.  They range in size from 69"x82" to 76"x54". The 70"x78" is ideal for aircraft such as RV4,6 and 7, and thorp T18 while the 76"x54" is ideal for slower, high drag or stol aircraft.

Optional extras include:

  • Alternating Victorian Ash and mahogany (light and dark) laminations, which give the prop a beautifull "classic" appearance.
  • Fully painted. White with coloured tips and matt black antiglare on the back face.
  • Urethane protected leading edge.
  • Red or Yellow painted tips.

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